Compressor Maintenance

The Path to Continued Success



Preventive maintenance maintains the value of your Equipment or Building portfolio and ensures that technical installations deliver the required performance.


Let Zentrix help you find the right balance between required performance and total life cycle cost of your technical installations.

What We Offer

Zentrix supports organizations in setting up best practice maintenance operations, from strategy and conceptual design to operational implementation, outsourcing and quality follow-up.


We can perform condition assessment of buildings or installations and support you in creating a budget based on best practices. if you are planning to re-tender the contracts for maintenance services let us help you assess the current installed base, define the optimal maintenance concept, describe the maintenance plans, write the tender document and assist in the negotiation and transition.

Take control of the life cycle performance of your physical assets


Translate company strategy into maintenance strategy (KPI mapping)


Know your organization’s current inventory and condition of buildings and technical assets 


Secure performance by describing and carrying out the necessary maintenance inspections


Increase transparency and predictability of current and future maintenance costs and investments (Optimize the total life cycle cost)


Align processes with maintenance strategy and translate them into an optimal organization


Improve how maintenance contracts are tendered and managed, and how service providers are selected and monitored